The new Wickedly Prime brand is the latest to Amazon Prime members, and it targets the "foodie" crowd with offerings similar to what you might find. Amazon continued this month with the launch of its exclusive brand, Wickedly Prime. It is a private label business. This category includes such as Cashews, Snack Nuts & Seeds, Snack & Trail Mixes, Mixed Nuts, Almonds, and Fruit & Nut Bars. Bargain Mart is a place where you can find such latest things in wickedly prime.

It targets its members by offering new products to increase sales. Bargain Mart is a place where eBay, Walmart, and Amazon meet. Amazon's increased efforts in the private label space. Moreover, Wickedly Prime is the company's first easily spoilt foods, according to news source Tech Crunch.

Where Amazon, Ebay, Walmart...Meet!