Car/Vehicle GPS is used to locate the exact car location. A vehicle tracking system is a system that allows tracking and controlling vehicles via an online computer, smartphone, tablet, etc. Automotive electronics are systems used in vehicles/cars, including engine management, ignition, radio, and in-car entertainment systems. Car/vehicle electronics & GPS includes Car In-Dash Navigation GPS Units, Handheld GPS Units, GPS Trackers, Vehicle GPS Units & Equipment, and Aviation GPS Units. The most used accessory for a car is a dashboard GPS which helps you to find the way to unfamiliar destinations easily.  

When was the GPS invented for cars? In 1990, it was invented for the first time. GPS car installation is for those people who need to track just one vehicle. Most people don't know when was the GPS invented for cars. GPS trackers maintain a strong connection and can give an updated location anytime. Bargain mart is the place where you can find the best selection of electronics and GPS tools where eBay, Amazon, and Walmart meet. Bargain mart is the best online shop.

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